Medicinal procedures

Price list of medicinal procedures in CZK

Prices in EUR are informative character only – selling of spa treatments henceforth for CZK. Selling of spa treatments in EUR at the reception desk according to the daily rate.

Spa treatments market with * may be purchased after consulting a doctor. Other spa treatments are freely purchasable.

Gynaecologic check up*980*35*
Cardio-vascular check up*700*25*
Ophthalmological check up – basic*350*13*
Ophthalmological check up*600*22*
Preventive dental check up*500*18*
Biochemical laboratory & other lab test*420*16*
Chemical analysis of urine & sediment*  50*  2*
Bath with peat emulsion50018
Bath with peat extract49018
Back gymnastics2208
Cryotherapy200  7
Colon hydrotherapie*720*26*
Diadynamic stimulus current200  7
Dry carbon gas bath260  9
Dry carbon gas bath for children*220*  8*
Ergotherapy150*  5*
Four – Chamber Bath2007
Gas aplication*230*  8*
Hubard’s bath27010
Hydrotherapy complex & partial – body massage78028
Hydrotherapy complex & full body medical massage105038
Hydrotherapy & partial – body massage57021
Hydrotherapy & full body medical massage84031
Hydrotherapy  (shower, swimming in a pool, rest in a dry wrap)240  9
Vaginal peat tampons*320*12*
Infrasauna (30 min.)100  4
Inhalation150  5
Interference200  7
Lavatherm, duotherm200  7
Light therapy250  9
Lymphoven – pressure massage*380*14*
Manual lymph drainage45016
Mineral bath45016
Mineral Bath for children*290*11*
Paraffin wrap for hands230  8
Peat-bentonite wrap38014
Peat pack – partial – body*430*16*
Peat pack – partial for children*  (small)430*16*
Pearl-bubble bath33012
Pulse magneto – therapy30011
Phyaction200  7
School of back*450*16*
Short – wave diathermy200  7
Solux200  7
Spring water bath230  8
Scottish spray (warm and cold water jets)  90  3
Therapeutic exercise – group2208
Therapeutic exercise – individual*380*14*
Therapeutic exercise – group in a pool260  9
Ultra – sound200  7
Ultra – sound – treatment of prostate gland*230*  8*
Whirling bath – total33012
Whirling bath – partial body180  7